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subwayshereAll right, I might as well just come out with it then. Tell the juicy tidbits and all of my actual dating life at this exact moment. Although this first update will be decidedly unsexy. Which sucks for me.

So there are a few guys in my life right now, all at varying levels of dating. One of these guys is Korean. I’ve never hooked up with a Korean guy and this guy is good looking and cool to hang out with. We met in a bar, and have gone out three times now for dinner and drinks and by all accounts things have gone well.

Our second date ended with a bit of a make out session. And on our third date last night I figured we would keep the ball rolling. We had dinner, drinks, we were flirting and touchy and everything was right on track when he suggested we leave the bar. I was about to invite him back to my place when he said he was gonna catch a cab back to his home. A chaste hug on the street corner and he jumped into the cab.

WTF?! That was a bit abrupt for even the usually shy Chinese guys and this guys has been a bit outgoing. And this was our third date! And he’s the one that keeps asking me out. And paying for everything, and being very “gentlemany” while out (holds open doors, gets the waiters, gives me things first before he has them). He seems into me (he was the one that made the first move in our make out session) and yet 3 dates and nothing?! Is it a Korean culture thing? Does he just want to be friends? I don’t get it.

So we’ll see where this one goes, but I don’t have high hopes. Keep you updated.