Hey Western Women…Stop Whining!

If you want to be alone and sexless while your in Asia, then just tell yourself that "Asian guys won't ever date me." It's not true, but if it makes you feel better, than by all means keep lying to yourself.

If you want to be alone and sexless while your in Asia, then just tell yourself that “Asian guys won’t ever date me.” It’s not true, but if it makes you feel better, than by all means keep lying to yourself.

I read a recent entry at a blog called The Love Blender. It was about how foreign women are like unseen “ghosts” and have zero chance at finding a Taiwanese guy. Here’s a excerpt:

When this concept applies to Western women’s love life, things get tricky. While Taiwanese girls seem to be incredibly attracted to Western men, Taiwanese guys don’t even dare to look at Western girls. Perhaps they are too shy to approach what they perceive to be a strong, independent Western woman: on top of that, many Asian guys believe that Western women would never consider them as dating material, so they don’t even try.

At the same time, Western guys are busy exploring this new exotic dating world full of beautiful, slim and attractive Asian girls who can’t wait to be asked out by a Western guy. As a result, many Western women feel like they are left with zero dating option: local guys don’t even consider them, while Western guys are focused on local beauties. So whom are Western women supposed to date in Taiwan?

She continues to go on about how western women are all big and fat and no Taiwanese guy will ever want them.


I went to Taiwan for a three-week holiday and I banged TWO Taiwanese guys. I used one of my favorite dating apps, momo, and was overwhelmed with Taiwanese guys chatting with me. Even after the hook-up one guy talks to me regularly and has said he wished he could be in a serious relationship with me. Also, I met a British guy who wanted to get in my pants but I said no. So, In my three weeks I had lots of interest from local guys and foreigners in Taiwan.


And, to her other point, I am no small beauty. I’m American, and as such I am carrying an extra 30-pounds on my already, thick, Polish ancestor frame. Nobody has minded. In fact, I think it’s a selling point. There are millions of skinny girls with narrow waists and tiny boobs in Asia. It’s exotic and attractive to us westerners because it is so different. But for most Asian guys it’s the same ho-hum they have seen their whole lives. What there isn’t a ton of is bigger ladies with sensual curves and soft flesh. A lot of guys (asians) like that kind of body because it is something different and special. I know, because they have said as such.

What’s even worse is this girl wrote a scathing commentary about how western women can never find love in Asia, while actually already in a monogamous relationship!

I came to Taiwan with a boyfriend, so I didn’t need to look for a date here. However, I found myself wondering about Western girls who did not move to Taiwan with a partner:are they doomed to romantic abstinence?

So, she’s perpetuating this stereotype while actually having no personal experience?! Gah!!!!

Dating in Asia is just like dating in western countries. Nobody in America has a great dating experience of meeting perfect princes every time they go out. If these women were in their home countries they would say something like “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince!” or some other trite saying before going out and meeting more people. They wouldn’t write off, say, every British as undateable and blame British guys for being British as the reason they aren’t having luck.

But in Asia, western women do that all the time. A western women will have a few bad experiences (or no experiences in the case of this woman) and write off an entire race of people as being totally undateable and warning western women they will be lonely, unlovable fat freaks if they come to Asia.


Western women, you have some responsibility in dating as well. Maybe it feels better for you and your fragile self esteem to just blame the guys, blame the culture, for not liking you. But the truth is dating can be tricky and you usually date a lot more duds than winners. In any culture. There are some differences with dating in another country, but there are differences in every aspect of living abroad. If you can manage taking taxi’s, ordering food and having a job in another country, then you can manage dating as well.  Stop whining! 


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