Middle-Aged Chinese Ladies Going After Young Taiwan Guys

I just read this article about how older women from mainland China are going to Taiwan for a good time and a little nookie with some hot young thang. Yea, you read that right, it’s not the men going to search for a piece on the side, but ladies.

And how awesome is that? Even today many marriages in china are not about true love, but are more for convenience, family obligations etc. And ever since the earliest emperor it’s been a sign of prestige for a man to have many wives or mistresses, but the wife should remain pure.

A picture from the article of Taiwan male escorts.

A picture from the article of Taiwan male escorts.

I know a young couple, in their 20’s who married and had a kid. The man worked out of town, and turns out not only did he have another wife and kid, but a girlfriend in another city too. It wasn’t talked about openly, but everyone knew, including his wife. It was accepted. Meanwhile the girl had a one night stand and her husband divorced her for being unfaithful and she was shamed in front of her family.

Hypocritcal! So I’m glad that ladies are taking it upon themselves to take a little holiday in Taiwan, find some young hottie and have a good holiday. I’m going to guess that these ladies are married to rich men to be able to afford it (and rich men usually mean officials and businessmen who almost certainly have their own mistresses). And the article says they are a little older, so they have probably been stuck in their loveless marriage for years.

Go girlies!


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