Is Being into Asians a Big Deal This Day and Age?

Bruce Lee broke boundaries professionally and personally.

Bruce Lee broke boundaries professionally and personally. (Photo credit: WENN)

Susanna over at theinnermonglian blog, recently wrote an article about asian men and western women. She’s a foreigner married to a Mongolian and in her blog post she just doesn’t get what all the fuss is about.

I kinda get what she’s saying. I mean, like I said before, I’m not into asian guys cause any asian fixation. I’m in China so I like chinese guys. Pretty standard shit. And while I don’t care if a guy uses me for my “foreign-ness” I do care if he uses me because I have blond hair, or because of my blue eyes or some nonsense like that. I mean, I get guys being into foreigners. We have different views, different cultures. Even in America I was kinda drawn towards foreigners just because of their other-ness.

But qualities such as blond hair? Or blue eyes? That’s just a fluke of nature and I get why a guy might be initially attracted by that, but then he should get into the personality, not the looks.

So I’m with her on that one. When people ask me what I like about Chinese guys I just kinda shrug. I mean, I like penises? I like they are men? That’s basically all I can think of. I think Chinese guys are hotties. (For the most part, there are plenty of dogs as well.)

But then the fact is that there aren’t a ton of western women and asian guy pairings. It’s getting more and more popular for sure, but even so they are quite rare. So why shouldn’t I yell it from the rooftops. I FUCK CHINESE GUYS AND I LIKE IT! I mean, it’s a minority group and I’m a part of it, so why not support it proudly?┬áIs it PC to say I would chose an asian over a white guy? Probably not. But Imma say it anyway. So there.

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