Piece of Advice for All The Guys Out There….

Based on the comments, it seems I accidentally picked up a lot of asian male readers here. Not the audience I was originally going for but hey, it’s cool. Hi fella’s.

Since I have your attention let me give you ONE piece of advice for trying to pick up western girls.

Don’t be a pussy.

Okay? It’s that simple.

Maybe you think the western girls are goddesses with leagues of adoring fans and they would never talk to you, a lowly *whatever job you have* so you don’t dare talk to us.

Well, it’s not true. It’s surprisingly hard for us to meet a guy. Guys think we MUST have a bf, or we must get SOOOOO much attention, their effort would be wasted so they don’t even try. And every guy thinks that, so no guys try. And no one talks to us and we think no one likes us.

Maybe you think western women are more “open” and if they like you then they will talk to you first. Well, even me, a pretty progressive modern woman isn’t gonna make the first move. I will wait for the guy to talk to me first.

So talk to us. Don’t be a pussy. Don’t make excuses.

What’s the worst that can happen? We’ll say no? We’ll laugh at you? We’ll ignore you? Fine, yeah maybe those things can happen but does it end the world? Does your soul go directly to hell? Is your name and face immediately broadcast on every television station with the word “Loser” all over it?

No. Nothing happens. If a girl laughs, or says no, or whatever you feel a little embarrassed, a little disappointment but life goes on. No one else knows. She’ll forget quickly enough and so will you.

Meanwhile if you don’t say anything you don’t even have a chance at meeting a girl and all I hear is “Chinese guys don’t like me,” or “I don’t know how to meet any Chinese guys,” from my female friends who are willing to date Chinese guys but never meet any.

There’s no secret formula, no magic words to land a foreign chick in China. All you need to do is talk to us.

It’s that simple, kay?

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