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Based on the comments, it seems I accidentally picked up a lot of asian male readers here. Not the audience I was originally going for but hey, it’s cool. Hi fella’s.

Since I have your attention let me give you ONE piece of advice for trying to pick up western girls.

Don’t be a pussy.

Okay? It’s that simple.

Maybe you think the western girls are goddesses with leagues of adoring fans and they would never talk to you, a lowly *whatever job you have* so you don’t dare talk to us.

Well, it’s not true. It’s surprisingly hard for us to meet a guy. Guys think we MUST have a bf, or we must get SOOOOO much attention, their effort would be wasted so they don’t even try. And every guy thinks that, so no guys try. And no one talks to us and we think no one likes us.

Maybe you think western women are more “open” and if they like you then they will talk to you first. Well, even me, a pretty progressive modern woman isn’t gonna make the first move. I will wait for the guy to talk to me first.

So talk to us. Don’t be a pussy. Don’t make excuses.

What’s the worst that can happen? We’ll say no? We’ll laugh at you? We’ll ignore you? Fine, yeah maybe those things can happen but does it end the world? Does your soul go directly to hell? Is your name and face immediately broadcast on every television station with the word “Loser” all over it?

No. Nothing happens. If a girl laughs, or says no, or whatever you feel a little embarrassed, a little disappointment but life goes on. No one else knows. She’ll forget quickly enough and so will you.

Meanwhile if you don’t say anything you don’t even have a chance at meeting a girl and all I hear is “Chinese guys don’t like me,” or “I don’t know how to meet any Chinese guys,” from my female friends who are willing to date Chinese guys but never meet any.

There’s no secret formula, no magic words to land a foreign chick in China. All you need to do is talk to us.

It’s that simple, kay?

Number one thing NOT to tell a foreign girl:

“I want a foreign girlfriend. Will you be my foreign girlfriend?” (Note: this is usually said before meeting face-to-face.)

Why it is stupid: No girl just wants to be a “foreign girl.” It’s fine to be attracted to a foreign girl, but all foreign girls are different, and saying you just want a “foreign girlfriend,” means you just want to show off, and could care less about her. I mean, I’m easy, but that’s too degrading even for me. I want you to want me to me. MY face, MY personality, MY boobs.

Number two thing NOT to tell a foreign girl:

“I want a foreign girlfriend. Can you introduce me to your friends?”

Yeah, seriously? Do I even have to explain why this is terrible? Seriously, if you say this to a girl, especially after meeting her on one of the hook-up apps, expect to be deleted right away. Not every guy has to want to have sex with me. But if you contact me on TanTan or Momo, then you better be into me, and not try to use me to get to better looking friends of mine.

I mean. Jeesh.

If you want ot be deleted and ensure you will never meet a foreign girl, then please, do exactly this.

If you want to be deleted and ensure you will never meet a foreign girl, then please, do exactly this. 


So we all know Asians are extremely underrepresented in the media. But Youtube, the TV of the people, has a ton of asians on it! And they are quite successful!

So here is 5 youtubers I totally want to do. And I’d even be just friends with them if they let me. (And no, Ryan Higa is NOT on this list. I know he’s a top 10 youtuber, but I think he’s more annoying than funny.)


#5 Jason Park

Jason Park

Jason Park

This is clearly a just some college kid sitting in his room making stupid videos but *drool.* He’s got it going on, and he’s funny to boot. Check out his Titty Boom Box video:


#4 KevJumba



I don’t know what happened to this guy (did he stop making youtube videos to make real movies?) but he still made my list. His FOB dad is hilarious and I even liked the season of The Amazing Race with him on it. In most of the videos he’s in high school, which is way too young for me, but in the later videos he’s in college and living by himself, so definitely in the do-able age range.


#3 and #2 The Fung Brothers

The Fung Bros

The Fung Bros

Double team brother action! This is my asian Sam and Dean Winchester. They are actual brothers though they look quite different. Even though, I’m totally attracted to both of them. They’ve got great personalities, sharp and self deprecating. I don’t even have to hook up with them, I’d even just like to party with them.

(In the below video they give a shout-out to non asian girls that like asian guys. OMG, That’s me!)


And the number one hottest asian youtuber?!

#1 Dan from Off the Great Wall

Dan (on the left) from Off the Great Wall

Dan (on the left) from Off the Great Wall

Off the Great Wall isn’t even that big on youtube. I think they only have one video with half a million views, the rest are way under. But I love Dan, and find him hilariously adorable, and sexy in that total “let your nerd flag wave,” kinda way.  I like when guys aren’t afraid to look stupid, and Dan turns it into an art. Anyway, total babe and totally do-able (Call me).


That’s my list of totally shaggable asian youtubers. Do you agree? Did I miss a hottie? Let me know in the comments.

Not everyone's cup of tea.

Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Look boys, I’m sorry. It just happens. It’s not right, but it happens.

Truth is that outside of youtube (which have some major asian men presence) western culture in large doesn’t showcase the asian man very well. In TV or movies the asian man is a great nerdy sidekick, solving the difficult math problems, or good at puzzles, but rarely are seen as sexy or handsome.

Even some of the hardcore action stars such as Jet Li and Chow Yun-Fat who play heroic roles and have smoking hot bodies rarely get the girl (and if they do, it’s usually an asian woman). So, in a way you can’t blame a girl for not being attracted to asian guys. It’s mixed in with culture and society pressures and those things need to change before asian guys come off as more desirable.

So what to do? Well, sometimes it’s a losing battle. Some girls are really just not interested. Sometimes a girl will friend-zone you and you’ll never be able to get into her pants. But, for every western woman there is her “first.” The first asian guy she likes, the first asian guy she dates and the first she has sex with.

So, the only method I can advocate is to keep at it. Keep trying. You might not get every girl, but if you keep at it, not being shy, meeting many western women, then you stack the odds in your favor. Plus, you just might convert a girl to Team Asian. Or, that random girl you talk to just might be me.



Hi everyone and welcome to Shagging in Shanghai a new blog about a western woman boinking her way around China.

What all this about then? 

Well, there are plenty of blogs by western women who live in China. But pretty much all these woman are looking for love, getting married and living happily ever asian. I’m not. I’m a single, independent woman who loves my freedom but also loves to feel good. So these are all dating stories, things I’ve gone through while not looking for a real relationship.

So you have yellow fever then? 

No, actually not, though the fact that I pretty much only do asian might trick you. I live in China so I’m just enjoying the local flavor. Influenced by the environment if you will. If I was somewhere else this blog would be called Fondling the French or Twerking with the Turks. I’m not totally against western guys, but with 700,000 million Chinese guys to chose from I think the odds are stacked against the fact I’ll do a westerner.

So who are you? 

You can call me Shanghai Sally. Mid-20’s, American. Can speak Chinese. That’s all your getting.

Why so vague?

The internet makes the world a very small place and vague and sketchy personal details makes me feel more free to share some more intimate details onto the digital page. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about my lifestyle and if you’re my friend, you’ve probably heard these stories straight from my mouth. But I don’t need my parents, or god forbid my grandma, knowing these juicy tidbits are coming from me. I’m a bit of a feminist and while there are a ton of stories of western men’s dirty deeds with chinese women, there are very few about women. Most are about love, relationships, dealing with culture differences and romantic stuff. But I don’t want all that.

I’m not some jilted man-hater, or anything. I’m just fiercely independent. I got plenty of friends to fill the emotional needs in my life, so I just want an occasional fun night out and world-rocking. And I think we need to hear this voice. To get the woman’s side of things and take some of the power out of the man’s hands for once.

There is a pretty strong stereotype here in China that western women are only good to have fun with but when you want to get serious you should do it with a chinese. And I’m sorry to feed into that stereotype. But whateve’s. It’s my life and my choices. If your so terribly offended complain to someone else.

So how many Chinese guys have you slept with? 

More than The Beatles, but less than Super Junior. I’ll leave it at that. While the majority have been Chinese, there are other asian countries thrown in as well.

What do you like about Chinese guys? 

I’m not picky. I’ve slept with guys of all ages, of all classes, all sizes (I’m talking height and build perv). I have just one rule: no students. I’m a teacher, and a pretty serious one too believe it or not, so school campus is a strictly no-fly zone. I’ll admit it’s hella tempting as there are some major hotties here, but I feel that emotionally or experience-wise they’re not ready for me. I only sleep with guys I can leave quickly (like when I’m traveling) or ones I know won’t get emotionally attached.

Can You Speak Chinese?


Anything Else?  Yeah, I just want to offer a disclaimer. When I say “Chinese guys” or “Western women” or “Chinese women” or anything like that I don’t mean ALL of them, ‘kay? Any mildly intelligent person should be fully aware that any culture cannot be summed up in a few words. When I say “Chinese guys,” I mean “some Chinese guys.” The same goes for anytime I say western women, or any ethnicity. For clarity of writing I’m going to paint with a wide brush and edit out as many of the “some’s” as I can. But with every thing I write keep in mind there are always exceptions. I know it and you should too.

And if you have any questions for me, feel free to write. Not sure I’ll always have the answer, but I’ll come up with some bullshit answer. shanghaisallyblog(at)gmail(dot)com.